Agile methodologies

We are an Agile company from the first day. Based on the Lean principles, we carry out an integration and development plan to introduce Scrum, Kamban or Xp methodologies in projects and companies.


Development XP - eXtreme Programming

For us, 70% of the success of an Agile project lies in applying good development practices. For this reason, we develop projects and help companies adopt XP as their software standard.

TDD / BDD - Test-oriented development

We perform both unit tests and integration tests to ensure the proper functioning of our projects, whether backends or Apps. Tools like Junit, Nunit, Cucumber or Phpunit are part of our day to day.

Quality Control and Continuous Integration

The success of a software project lies in the quality of its code. We audit each line in each commit with Sonarqube and launch all the automatic tests with Jenkins, our continuous integration server. We are obsessed with keeping the Technical Debt to a minimum.

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