Development of Web applications with Symfony

We develop professional web applications using all the versatility and agility that Symfony offers for high quality web projects. We are passionate about the development of new projects that involve a technological challenge, although we also have experience in migrations of Legacy projects that have lost their productivity, using good practices.

Why Symfony is the best option for your web project?

For years, PHP has been associated as a low quality and unprofessional language, oriented exclusively to small web exclusive projects. The arrival of Symfony breaks this myth and focuses on high quality software, competing in performance and scalability with compiled language frameworks, while maintaining the characteristic agility of PHP as a language focused on the creation of web projects.

Symfony is one of the most popular frameworks among companies, since it allows highly productive development and guides programmers to create high quality code.

Why Symfony is the best option for your web project?

The largest percentage of web projects worldwide are made with PHP. In Dinacode we look for frameworks that share our vision of making quality professional software, using good practices and design patterns. Symfony complies with these requirements and more, since it allows to create high level web applications with a very high productivity.

At Dinacode we have helped numerous startups to create their projects and start up their ideas with the help of Symfony. Its easy use and the quality of the code it offers fits in perfectly with our Lean Startup philosophy.

A scenario that is presented to us are companies that have started their web projects with frameworks and CMS that have become small or obsolete, and were not prepared to scale their business together, and that wish to migrate their Legacy project to Symfony.

We have upgraded to Symfony 5 from the first day.

Symfony services that we offer:

  • Development of web applications with Symfony 5.
  • Development of eCommerce with Sylius, an eCommerce framework based on Symfony.
  • Development of applications based on microservices with Symfony and Docker.
  • Reengineering of legacy projects to Symfony.
  • PHP project audit.
  • Advanced symfony training.

In Dinacode we carry out all the projects using good practices, Clean Code and we use Clean Arquitectures as Domain Driven Design or CQRS.

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